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Is the Stock Market Open?

Other types of futures contracts may have different trading hours, such as commodity and currency futures. In addition, the bid-ask spread is wider during extended market hours due to the lack of liquidity, which often leads to pricing volatility when bigger orders are placed, and supply and demand are unbalanced. Still, many brokers limit the […]

What Is Retest? The Most Effective Way To Trade Forex With Retest

Stop-loss orders should be placed at a price level that signifies the break and retest pattern is invalidated. For example, if a trader is taking a long position after a breakout above a resistance level, a stop-loss might be set just below the retested support level. The Break and Retest trading strategy is a concept […]

Mastering ACB Calculation: Calculating Adjusted Cost Base in Canada

The thinking is that it will have higher investment interest, wider ownership, and a stronger secondary market. All of these components contribute to make it easier and cheaper to raise additional capital with a primary market offering of additional shares. Because adjusted closing price accounts for information that isn’t included in the closing price, it’s […]

How to Read Options Trading Charts

For example, a bullish engulfing pattern reflects when the bulls take control. This is an estimate of what the stock’s price could be in one year. And as anyone who’s been annoyed with their local meteorologist knows, forecasts can be wrong. The resistance level in stock charts is the price from which there is no […]

Forex with Alpari: dependability and innovation in trading

Alpari has proven itself to be one of the important players in the competitive world of FX brokers, and it is a valid choice provided that their account offer suits your trading plan and vision. Alpari is a regulated broker with great visibility in three continents. The company has been around for many years, and […]

MetaTrader4 trading platform

The interests of LimeFx’ clients are protected by the Financial Commission’s Compensation Fund for up to €20,000 per claim. To maintain your access, we encourage you to make the necessary updates before the deadline. Trade on one of the most established and easy-to-use trading platforms. MetaTrader4 offers professional tools to high level traders. Benefits include […]