The Top 10 Microsoft SharePoint Benefits for Your Business

It is used by businesses to access, share, organize, and store company data from any device. It’s a great way to keep all your employees connected, no matter how distributed your workforce may be. Many business users work behind the scenes from blog writers to media specialists to optimize your company’s content strategy.
This allows you to break down communication barriers and enable teams to collaborate seamlessly on projects. This increases productivity, better decision-making, and a more cohesive workforce. Another basic feature is customization, which is the ability to modify or maintain the default features. Build custom elements, customize the interface or create a personal UI, and use the drag and drop function to improve user experience easily.

There was a single repository where everyone was able to share documents and that was the extent of the collaboration for the team. That is what the business client saw as the biggest value of SharePoint. MS SharePoint seamlessly integrates with the broader Microsoft 365 ecosystem, enhancing collaboration, productivity, and the overall user experience. This integration benefits organisations that already utilise Microsoft 365 tools and services. SharePoint offers built-in compliance features that help organisations meet regulatory requirements.

Team Sites with Document Libraries

Power Automate can help you increase business productivity by automating routine processes and tasks, freeing your employees to focus on… This step becomes more time-consuming if you have hundreds or even thousands of employees to search for. SharePoint allows you to create organizational charts to make this process as quick as possible. Clicking on each person’s name will also reveal his or her role and availability. While the standard SharePoint functionality is robust, your teams might require specialized functions to perform their roles.
Uncover the key advantages and potential drawbacks of using SharePoint, helping organizations make informed decisions about its implementation. SharePoint Premium will absorb the range of content AI services launched as Syntex in 2022. In
What are the advantages of a SharePoint site
the past, the only way to group sites together and benefit from inheritance was

Streamlined document management

to create subsites within a Site Collection.

  • And New York teams of a major marketing firm put their finishing touches on a PowerPoint presentation, in real time.
  • Its integration with other Microsoft applications, robust security features, and support for compliance requirements can be particularly beneficial for larger organizations.
  • Are they the corporate technical team, your regional marketing team, or maybe the R&D team?
  • Hopefully this blog helped you understand how SharePoint provides a robust platform which caters to the unique needs of businesses across various industries.
  • Those features are a big help to companies that manage large numbers of documents.

Once again I have a great tool/feature of SharePoint which I can use to improve the adoption and use of the SharePoint platform. When it comes to SharePoint, the initial conversations that I have with my business clients are usually around their business processes. Business processes are key to using SharePoint to increase productivity and reduce costs, something any business client is eager to discuss. During one of my first interviews within my business, I found out that the reason for some of the lengthy folder structures was to provide some level of structure for people to find certain files. The business was not even aware of the basic search capabilities of SharePoint, let alone following SharePoint best practices. I needed to find a way to engage my business clients so that they could not only utilize SharePoint in a more efficient manner but to also educate them on some of the real strengths of the platform.

Requires Employee Training

According to the 2019 State of the Digital Workplace, 80% of medium-sized and large organizations’ employees said their company has an intranet. If your organization’s rapid growth is creating file and data storage disorganization, it may be time to consider a web-based platform like Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint offers small business inexpensive, robust, and flexible collaboration platform – letting small businesses and virtual offices compete without expensive real-estate. The scalability of the tool allows you to budget your cost towards productivity tools.

Intranets are private networks used to organize and store a company’s data. SharePoint provides a robust solution for file sharing among groups of individuals, internally and externally, and is more than just your average intranet. Another typical example is a marketing department, with thousands of files and many versions of files for clients and for their own marketing. Searching through this morass is time consuming, for multiple employees. Sharepoint, Teams and 365 together provide this robust predictable unified communications and application platform, today. After gaining substantial experience in technology, finance, and business processes in his previous job in an IT consulting company, he adopted writing as a full-time profession 3 years ago.
What are the advantages of a SharePoint site
A strong and accurate permission baseline, in combination with security policies established in Microsoft Purview, will help organizations reduce risks related to unauthorized access to sensitive information. These enhancements, if proven among real-world Copilot early adopters, will help users establish trust in their AI assistant. By grouping your company intranet sites into Hubs, you’ll be saving your users time both due to the enhanced navigation and the automatically applied site theme & styling. A great benefit to migrate to SharePoint Online is that it allows you to get free access to a wide variety of useful integrated services and special Office 365 tools and features. For instance, it allows you to undertake employee assessments, quizzes, and surveys etc. SharePoint Online enables you to create email and workflow tasks for your staff while using SharePoint Design.
What are the advantages of a SharePoint site
Because of its versatility, SharePoint is used by over 200,00 organizations and 190 million people worldwide. Now, tools such as Microsoft SharePoint Online make the process much easier and how to create a sharepoint site more efficient. Put simply, it’s a resource that allows employees to create websites wherein they can store, organize, share and access critical business information from any device.

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